In today's fast-paced investment management environment, there is an increasing need for fund accountants and investment managers to accurately administer their funds/portfolios and capture relevant information for value-added reporting and analysis. In this dynamic and constantly evolving internet-enabled world, timelines have become more compressed, and errors are clearly becoming less and less tolerable.

As a consequence only the most robust, customizable and scaleable systems will be acceptable to today's investment accounting community. More importantly, it is increasingly critical that these systems are fully integrated with the organization's objectives and structure, rather than being packaged add-ons.

Drawing on the industry experience of our business and systems professionals, TriSys Consulting Ltd. ("TriSys") has conducted significant research into the challenges that are faced by the fund and portfolio management function of leading investment management corporations. We have found that many packaged solutions are unable to be fully integrated with an organization's product requirements due to inadequate customization capabilities. Our mission is to provide our clients with a leading fund accounting solution - one that is designed to address the needs of today's increasingly demanding investment accounting professionals and anticipate these needs for the future.

TriSys has developed a comprehensive system, SUMMIT Investment Accounting System ("SUMMIT"), which offers the flexibility to account for a full spectrum of funds, portfolios and securities holdings, with the added power of rich tracking and reporting tools. SUMMIT is more than just a typical "off-the-shelf" software package. When you purchase SUMMIT, you also gain access to TriSys' unique integration capabilities, information technology and specific industry consulting expertise which allows you to change SUMMIT as your business changes. The major difference between SUMMIT and its competitors is its flexibility and scalability in accommodating various client requirements. SUMMIT is a software package that will constantly grow in its functionalities based on these specific requirements. Increased flexibility and scalability will continue to keep SUMMIT ahead of its competitors in the future.

The SUMMIT Advantage

When you purchase SUMMIT, you purchase not just a financial software product but a long-term commitment and relationship with TriSys Consulting Ltd.. Our intention is to establish a true partnership with our clients based on the understanding that the success of TriSys is inherently linked to the satisfaction and success of our clients. As a result, we are very sensitive to client needs and ensure that high client satisfaction levels are consistently maintained.

TriSys establishes strong, consistent and ongoing relationships with clients - from the sale of the system to the implementation of the system all the way to the support and any modifications of the system. With a strong relationship with TriSys, clients can be assured that they have a reliable, long-term partner to help address any issues or overcome any obstacles that they may face during their growth as an organization.

Strong client relationships. Quite frankly, this is the SUMMIT advantage, pure and simple. Do you have this advantage?

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