About Trisys

Mission Statement

To provide our clients with the best definitive financial software solutions with a high level of personable and responsive support that builds true value by unifying innovative business and technology strategies.

What we do

In addition to selling, implementing and supporting the SUMMIT Investment Accounting System, TriSys also offers a range of related services for the financial services industry which not only draws on each team member's experience, but also provides a recognizably interdependent overall package where desired. More specifically, TriSys also provides traditional business analysis, strategic planning, application development, design, and implementation services.

Clients and Markets

A key strategy for creating successful solutions is to best utilize all available resources. To this end, we develop close relationships with our clients to build a synergy of resources. Solutions are produced from the collaboration of our expertise and our client's strengths. The ultimate goal for assuring success is not to just produce a quality solution but also to invoke a culture to best utilize the tools and to generate continued innovation. Simply put, we create true partnerships with our clients to jointly develop the best solutions for them.

Our target client market currently resides in the financial services industry and we have defined specific client types for whom we can uniquely achieve superior results. To this end, we strive to refine our knowledge and skill sets to best serve these markets. Our typical client profile includes the following:

  • Start-up, small and mid-sized financial services organizations
  • Proactive, innovative and growth oriented
  • Best-solution driven
  • Cost sensitive