What is SUMMIT?

SUMMIT is a multi-currency professional investment accounting system which can be configured for:

  • Fund Management/Accounting - manage a series of portfolios that constitute a fund, prepare investment transactions using trade-date accounting, calculate fund Net Asset Values (NAVs), and access a real-time general ledger and financial statements/reports.
  • Portfolio Management - manage a series of individual client portfolios, prepare investment transactions using settlement date accounting, and access specialized client portfolio functionality and reporting.
  • Fund AND Portfolio Management - manage both funds and individual client portfolios within the same system.

Who uses SUMMIT?

SUMMIT has been designed specifically to satisfy the needs of the following investment management professionals:

  • Fund accountants who wish to calculate daily NAVs for mutual funds or other types of funds (i.e., mutual funds, hedge funds, pension funds, segregated funds, trust funds, etc.)
  • Fund Administrators, who wish to provide a service for multiple companies with multiple funds and/or portfolios
  • Investment or Portfolio Managers who wish to track their individual client portfolios

Technology Infrastructure

SUMMIT was developed using Object Oriented Programming (OOP) techniques deployed on an open, scaleable, technology. The software is client-server based using the following technology underpinnings:

  • The server configuration has a Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 operating system for ease of use, scalability and open connectivity.
  • The server database is configured with a Microsoft SQL Server relational database which is fast, flexible, fully relational and ODBC compliant.
  • The client software that runs on your individual desktop is developed in a robust, Object Oriented language (32-bit architecture) and will run under Microsoft Windows 2000/XP operating systems.

The new technology allows for greater productivity due to an intuitive windows based interface that allows true multi-tasking capabilities. The system has leveraged the technology to offer greater connectivity to outside pricing providers, custodians, trading systems and a variety of information providers.