Data Portal

The Data Portal is a module within the SUMMIT system that allows for the automated transfer of information between SUMMIT and other sources. The Data Portal allows for the extraction and formatting of information to be exported out of SUMMIT and prepared in specific file formats. By initiating the export process via the Data Portal, the files are created in an automated fashion. Outbound files that may be created include:

  • Journal entries for upload into a corporate general ledger,
  • Securities to be priced,
  • Investment transaction details, or
  • NAV details for a transfer agent system.

The Data Portal is also designed to accept information supplied by external sources. The Data Portal can import a variety of different information feeds and subject them to rigorous edits to ensure data integrity. Source files that can be accepted include:

  • Security pricing files,
  • Foreign exchange rate files,
  • Security Master updates (i.e., dividend updates),
  • Investment transaction details, or
  • Investment holding records (positions) for automated reconciliation.

Once the information has been imported into a staging area, the Data Portal colour codes the results of an extensive edit set. This means that records within the imported file can be reviewed graphically as to the quality and accuracy of the data to be imported. The Data Portal also allows for the correction of the data through built-in editors.

For automated exchange of information, the Data Portal is an invaluable tool. The Data Portal saves time and reduces error by ensuring data integrity. In this electronic age the seamless exchange of automated information is key to an efficient operation. The Data Portal has been specifically designed to support and expedite this process.

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