Technical Specifications

SUMMIT requires sufficient processing power to operate effectively within your systems environment. The infrastructure required is directly proportionate to the size of your operation. To accurately determine hardware needs it is advised that you consult us directly. Outlined within this specifications sheet are the minimum system requirements for SUMMIT.

Platform information:

  • SUMMIT is a client-server application designed to operate on Windows 2000/XP
  • The software was created with an Object Oriented development tool and accesses a Microsoft SQL Server database running on a Windows Server

Two basic configurations may be used:

  1. Client and database on separate computers, communicating over a LAN, WAN or VPN
  2. Client and database on one computer running Windows 2000/2003/XP

The recommended configuration is point #1 above, particularly in the case of a multi-user or high volume environment. A single machine is suitable for a stand-alone environment.

Minimum system requirements for SUMMIT




Operating System

Windows 2000/XP

Windows 2000/2003


Pentium III or higher
with minimum 1.2GHz

Pentium IV or higher with minimum 2.4GHz
(dual Pentium Xeon preferred)

Disk Space


100GB SCSI (RAID is recommended and the ability to increase hard drive space is preferred)


256MB (512MB recommended)

1GB (ability to increase memory is preferred)



SQL Server 2000/2005, PC Anywhere (if necessary)



56K internal or external modem